Saturday, February 14, 2015

Prince Hans-Adam and Princess Marie Celebrate Their Birthdays

Photo: Daniel Ospelt / Liechtensteiner Vaterland /
Today, Prince Hans-Adam celebrates his 70th birthday. Already last night, a reception for his and Princess Marie's upcoming 75th birthday was hosted at Schloss Vaduz. Not many pictures are available but I assume that more members of the Princely Family were present, especially as Prince Hans-Adam recently said that all his children and some of his siblings would be in Liechtenstein this weekend. Among the guests for last night's reception were the members of government and parliament, the presidents of courts and senate, the mayors, the presidents of all parties and the Archbishop. One picture each is available at Vaterland and Volksblatt.

Stay tuned for later today and tomorrow when we are going to publish translations of interviews by Prince Hans-Adam, Hereditary Prince Alois and Prince Wenzel given to mark the Fürst's 70th birthday. While Prince Hans-Adam talks tearing up the old catechism in school and what role Prince Charles and Princess Anne played in the announcement of his engagement to the former Countess Marie Kinsky, Hereditary Prince Alois reveals that his family has no musical talent whatsoever and how he talks social media with his children. In addition, Prince Wenzel speaks about learning Spanish in South America and being a chaffeur to his siblings.

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