Saturday, April 25, 2015

Golden Anniversary and a Little Bit of Liechtenstein History

Last Sunday (and kinda missed by us this week), Prince Hans-Adam and Princess Marie attended a mass to celebrate the golden priesthood anniversary of Father Franz Näscher in his home parish of Gamprin-Bendern in the Principality's north-west. Fun fact about Gamprin: It was there on March 16, 1699, that the men of Liechtenstein's Unterland (literally "lower land" including today's municipalities of Ruggell, Schellenberg, Gamprin, Eschen and Mauren, or at the time the areas belonging to the County of Schellenberg) first swore allegiance to their new Prince (though Liechtenstein wasn't a Principality yet - and, in fact, wasn't called Liechtenstein yet).

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