Thursday, April 9, 2015

Grand Duke to Visit Czech Republic Alongside Royals of Spain and Monaco

What do Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg, King Felipe VI of Spain and Prince Albert II of Monaco have in common? Apart from the reasons you are thinking of right now, all three of them will travel to the Czech Republic in May of 2016 to mark the 700th birthday of Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV, or so Czech president Miloš Zeman confirmed today.

Charles IV, who was born on May 14, 1316, was the second King of Bohemia from the medieval House of Luxembourg, and the first King of Bohemia also to become Holy Roman Emperor. He was the oldest son of John "the Blind" of Bohemia, who is buried at the Cathédral Notre-Dame de Luxembourg. The 700th birthday of Charles IV will be celebrated with various events and exhibitions all across the Czech Republic throughout 2016. For example, the Crown of Saint Wenceslas will be put on display in Prague.

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