Friday, April 3, 2015

Members of the Princely Family at the Vatican for Good Friday

Prince Nikolaus, Princess Margaretha and possibly Princess Marie in the first row in the background
Put your detective glasses on, everybody: We have spied some members of the Princely Family at the Vatican today. Prince Nikolaus, Liechtenstein's non-resident ambassador to the Holy See, and Princess Margaretha attended the Celebration of the Passion of Our Lord at St. Peter's Basilica in Rome. The Celebration of the Passion of Our Lord traditionally takes place during the afternoon hours of Good Friday.

With an about 78 percent chance, the Princess Marie was also with them, though we're not entirely sure as we can't see her husband, Prince Hans-Adam, anywhere. Instead, some other gentleman that we do not recognise is seated between the lady we think is Princess Marie and her sister-in-law, Princess Margaretha. With a 50-50 percent chance, Nikolaus and Margaretha's children, Anunciata, Astrid and Josef, were also in attendance but seated somewhere else like they have in the past. 

To view the full video of the screenshot above, have a look here. The members of the Princely Family can be seen at the beginning (starting at about 0:35).

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  1. I like how GD Charlotte wore it pinned at the waist. Besides wearing it as an epaulette, another option could be to wear it over the shoulder. The standard brooch location doesn't work too well.