Thursday, April 16, 2015

Grand Duke Goes Solo for Queen Margrethe's Birthday Dinner

Grand Duke Henri surprisingly went solo for the gala dinner hosted earlier this evening at Christiansborg Palace in honour of Queen Margrethe II of Denmark's upcoming 75th birthday. The Danish and Luxembourgish monarchy actually share their birthday and while the Queen turns 75 tomorrow, April 16 that is, the Grand Duke celebrates his 60th birthday. (And because those aren't enough royals to share a birthday, it's also Prince Sébastien 23rd.)

But back on topic: While Grand Duchess Maria Teresa was also scheduled to attend the gala dinner in Copenhafen earlier this evening, she did not do so for an undisclosed reason. No idea if she actually travelled to Denmark, like she was supposed to, or whether she stayed home in Luxembourg for some reason. A bit anticlimactic, shallow me, who was looking forward to the first grand ducal tiara sighting in what seems like ages, has to add. Nevertheless, the Grand Duke looked his dashing self.

More pictures of him, the birthday girl and all the other royals at Royals by Robin, for example. Fashion and jewellery run-downs, albeit lacking a Luxembourgish contribution, at Order of Splendor as another example. (Yes, I'm lazy this evening so these example will need to do; wishing everyone in the same timezone as me a good night!)


  1. The other birthday boy is in the photo - King Philippe of Belgium celebrated his 55th birthday on the 15th!

  2. I hope everything is all right with HRH Grand Duchess Maria Teresa!