Thursday, September 10, 2015

Luxarazzi 101: Aquamarine Bandeau Tiara

Time to make up for one of the biggest shames of the Luxarazzi Tiara Race. The shame that we do not have a post focusing on the Aquamarine Bandeau Tiara, which advanced to the second round but lost against the Grand Duchess Adélaïde Tiara there. Truth be told, the reason why we did not have a post about the only aquamarine tiara of the Grand Ducal Family - not counting Queen Ena's Aquamarine Tiara here for the obvious reason that it is owned by the mother of Princess Sibilla - is that there isn't a whole lot information available.

Commonly believed to have been made for Grand Duchess Joséphine-Charlotte, the tiara features five rectangular aquamarines interspersed with a diamond knot motif. Set in an art deco style, the tiara is part of a demi-parure also featuring earrings and a necklace. As its name suggests, the Aquamarine Bandeau Tiara was originally supposed to be worn bandeau-style across the forehead. However, as this style isn't very common anymore, it has slowly made its way on top of the heads of the Grand Ducal Family.

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