Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Royal Gathering in Liechtenstein Coming Up

Each year, the heads of state of the German-speaking countries gather for an informal meeting. While the heads of state of Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein - those countries where German is the primary language of the majority of the population - have had these kinds of gatherings since 2004 (each year in a different country), last year was the first time that the heads of state of Luxembourg and Belgium - countries that either have a minority of people who speak German as a first language (Belgium) or where German is one of the countries three official languages (Luxembourg) - were also invited. 

This year is no different and so Hereditary Prince Alois will welcome the heads of state of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg (Grand Duke Henri) and Belgium (King Philippe) on September 17 in Vaduz. This means we will likely also see Hereditary Princess Sophie, Grand Duchess Maria Teresa and Queen Mathilde.

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