Friday, September 11, 2015

Princess Theodora Releases Turtle Into the Wild

Photo: Corriere della Sera
Who would have thought back when we first introduced the Princely Family here on Luxarazzi that Princess Theodora would be one of the most featured members of the extended family?! The daughter of Prince Alexander and Princess Astrid and granddaughter of Prince Philipp launched the Green Teen Team, a foundation whose aim is to involve children and teens in wildlife preservation, back in June of last year. Last weekend she was out and about in Italy with her father where she released a turtle named "Drago" back into the wild again.

"Drago" is one of thousands of turtles accidentally captured in nets trawling off the Adriatic coast. Injured probably by the propeller of a boat, the female turtle spent the past five months in a rehabilitation centre before being released back into the wild last weekend. The Green Teen Team decided to donate a GPS tracker for the turtle. Princess Theodora told reporters (starting at 1:46 in the video above), "The GPS on Drago is important not only for me but for other people so we can see where she is and what happens to her." (Many thanks to Simo.R and Lavinia on Twitter for the translation!)

More information, pictures and videos at Verona Economia, TV 7 and Corriere della Sera.

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