Sunday, April 24, 2016

Maria Teresa Supports Télévie

Photo: René Scho / RTL /
Last night, Grand Duchess Maria Teresa lend her support to the Télévie fund-raising campaign. Firstly initiated in Belgium in 1989 by RTL-TVI to help fund cancer and leukaemia research, the Luxembourgish branch of RTL has been running the campaign for the 15th time now. The Grand Duchess isn't the first one in the family to support the Télévie and take some calls, one or maybe even two of her sons did so before. I certainly remember Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume doing so maybe about ten years ago and possibly also Prince Félix, I'm not 100 percent sure. This time around, the Télévie reached a new donation record with 1.567.596 euros to benefit cancer research.

Loads more pictures at RTL.

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