Thursday, September 29, 2016

Interview with Prince Louis and Princess Tessy (Incl. Translation)

Photo: RTL
To mark their tenth wedding anniversary, Prince Louis and Princess Tessy have given their first joined interview to the Luxembourgish media, namely RTL. The full video can be watched here. Here's a rough translation of what the duo said.

About the past ten years...

Princess Tessy: Time flies. It was a beautiful time, we learned a lot and made lots of memories. 

Prince Louis: The children are growing older and older. With them you see how time passes. 

About their wedding day...

Princess Tessy: When I entered [the church], it was very emotional. To see my husband. 

Prince Louis: I was nervous, we were young. They are good memories, I'm very happy with the decision I made.

Princess Tessy: It was very emotional, it's really hard to put it into words. It was wonderful. You didn't really know all the things that are coming your way as a young couple. We watched the video the other day and it was a bit funny to see yourself. I had already forgotten a lot of things, little details. It was a beautiful day.

About Tessy becoming a princess...

Princess Tessy: It was a big honour for me as a Luxembourger to receive the title of a Princess of Luxembourg. There were big emotions as I'm very proud of my country.

About their life...

Prince Louis: We lived in Florida for two years and it was a good experience. However, it is very nice to be back in Europe near the family. We've been living in London for almost five years now.

Princess Tessy: My husband is working on his master's in an area that interests him very much, psycho-social studies. I founded my own NGO working in the field of education, which is important to me. 

About their children...

Prince Louis: There's lots to tell you! They are very active, they never stop.

Princess Tessy: Gabriel is very sensitive. He cares a lot for others, more than about himself. Noah is very active. Also sensitive but he's also very straight forward, a strong character. 

About coming home...

Prince Louis: We come back mumble, mumble [every two months, I think]. To see family but also for official events, when there are things we can help out with.

Princess Tessy: It's always beautiful to come home, to see everyone. I really like walking through the city [of Luxembourg] or Niederkorn. I like to sit with my father on the terrace, drink a good coffee, to speak to everyone. Luxembourg is very important to the two of us, we like to come home as often as possible.

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