Saturday, September 3, 2016

The Liechtenstein Tiara Championship: What Happened So Far

Summer is coming to an end - and with it does our summer series. The group stages of the Liechtenstein Tiara Championship came to and end with only two semi-finals and the grand finale to come. Today, let's have a look at the results of the first five rounds of voting; tomorrow we'll have a closer look at one of the tiaras that advanced to the semi-finals; and on Monday the voting begins again!
In Group A the clear favourites took home the tickets to make it to the next round. While the Habsburg Fringe Tiara won all matches, the Douglas Floral Tiara only lost one (obviously...) and had four wins. Princess Franziska's Diamond Tiara came third (3 wins), the Diamond Honeysuckle Tiara was fourth (2 wins), Princess Elsa's Diamond Tiara took home one win and came in fifth with no win and sixth place for Princess Marie's Wedding Tiara. (Hey, with you guys giving it to little love, it's no wonder the Fürstin never wears it! Or is it the other way around?)
Group B also saw the win of a favourite (and one of the best known tiaras of the Princely Family): The Kinsky Palmette Tiara, which - similarly to its counterpart in Group A, the Habsburg Fringe Tiara - took home five wins. With four wins, Princess Olga of Greece's Boucheron Diamond Tiara (phew, what a name! Come back tomorrow to learn more about it) came in second place. Not advancing to the next round are the Bavarian Pearl and Diamond Floral Tiara (3 wins), the Bulgarian Fringe Tiara (2 wins), the Ruby and Diamond Tiara (1 win) and Princess Margaretha's Sapphire Necklace Tiara.

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