Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Grand Audience and More Tunnel

On Friday, April 23rd, our radiant Grand Duchess hosted an audience with Father Michael Lapsley, human rights activist and founder of the Institute for the Healing of Memories. Along for the ride were Patrick Byrne (Honorary President of The International Federation of Action by Christians for the Abolition of Torture – say that 5 times fast), Victor Cervati (Father Lapsley’s assistant), Cecile Thill (President of ACAT’s Luxembourg branch), and Monique Ruppert (Vice President of ACAT – Luxembourg). Information on the visit, as well as links to information regarding the organizations involved can be found on the monarchy’s official website (I know, we were shocked, too). Oh, sweet official governmental website updaters of the Grand Ducal Family of Luxembourg – you know I kid because I love!

But, not as much as I love new pictures of that fine…. um, new pictures of that beacon of eternal youthful suaveness, The Grand Duke himself. The official website has once again succeeded at making us feel all loved and junk by providing us humble devotees with visuals from April 22nd’s tunnel penetration (*snicker*), with quite a few lovely photos featuring His Royal Hotness getting his duty-doin’ groove on. However, I will take this time to go on record and state that I’m not totally convinced this was just another “day at the office,” so to speak – in the first picture it honest to goodness looks like he’s at a rave with a really strict dress code. But, I digress. A double-sided cheek kiss and emphatic “merci” to the official website for the double-dose of pictures and info, and to The Grand Duke Henri… just because. ;-)

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