Thursday, April 15, 2010

Snippet on Saudi Conference

It looks like the Saudi Gazette is just as excited about The Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume’s visit as we are! At least excited enough for our favorite Hereditary Grand Duke to warrant a mention in the April 15th online edition of the paper, which features a small article regarding the upcoming Euromoney Saudi Arabia Conference 2010 to be held in Riyadh May 18-19, and at which Guillaume is scheduled to be one of a number of guest speakers.

Guillaume’s participation at the event is in conjunction with his work for Luxembourg for Finance, and will take place during a broader mission that will begin for the heir (accompanied by Economy and Foreign Trade Minister Jeannot Krecke) in Riyadh on May 16th and come to completion in Jeddah three fun-filled days later on May 19th. This trip will mark the 3rd Middle Eastern visit made by the Guillaume since the turn of the New Year; January saw him on a similarly economically-minded mission throughout the United Arab Emirates and Qatar, while the Bahrain Grand Prix welcomed him with open arms just last month. Poor guy, it must be achingly boring just sitting around with such an open schedule… *ahem*

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