Monday, April 12, 2010

Guillaume in Russia **

Today was the first day of Guillaume's mission to Russia. He is accompanied by a similar delegation as accompanied him to the US. Minister Jeannot Krecke is also leading the mission. They are accompanied by more than 100 businessmen from various areas of the Luxembourg economy.

Luxembourg's relations with Russia are good. These relations could be expanded to produce favorable ties and economic benefits. The goal of this mission is to promote Luxembourg as a financial center. Luxembourg companies also supply machines, parts and steel to the Russian market. These are important exports for Luxembourg.

The Luxembourg market was the most important foreign investor in Russia last year with 6 billion Euros.

This is only the first day of the visit and there are already several articles published. Hopefully, this will continue and we will have lots of articles and photographs about the visit.

Wort carries an article and a gallery of photographs. RTL has an article (in Luxembourgish) with nearly the same photographs and an audio file. The official website of the Ministry of Economy and Foreign Trade (Jeannot Krecke is the Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade) carries information about the visit as does the general government website. There are a few articles from the Russian press. ITAR-TASS

If you find articles, photographs or information about the visit please send me the information so that I can continually post the updated and accurate information. I would truly appreciate this. I have a few articles on the recent US visit that I hope to summarize today and post. I apologize for the delay. I had 2 deaths in my immediate family last month and it really knocked a lot of things off track for me. I would like to get everything updated and stay on track as the blog progresses. I really appreciate the help of all the readers who send my information, articles and pictures!!

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