Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Grand Ducal Couple in Denmark

The final day of the Danish celebration has passed. The entire celebration was filled with all the glitz and glam one could expect from a royal event (or Grace Kelly movie).

The Grand Duchess wore a lovely dress; after discussing this creation with several royal watchers/fashionistas, we have decided that it is most likely a la Elie Saab (a known favorite of Maria-Teresa). The Grand Duchess complimented her dress with diamond jewelry from the family collection - this particular tiara is now among my favorites - while The Grand Duke, per his norm, looked elegant and oh-so-suave, accessorizing his tuxedo with a fur wrap. I'm not sure it's a good look for him, but he somehow managed to pull it off as only he could.

There are numerous professional websites that are full of images regailing us with coverage from each day of the majestic (heh, get it?) event. Zimbio has a few photos and others can be found by selecting topic related links listed below the pictures. PPE also has a gallery for each day of the event, where you can find photos from the 15 May gala, 16 May luncheon, and the 16 May gala, including a fantastic panorama of the guests at the theater which you can navigate around. Esktra Bladet has published some photos. BT has multiple galleries. Getty Images has photos of the event, and Belga has more than 400 photographs. Some of them are better than others. Searching "queen 70" will garner the most results. Countless other photo agencies also have pictures, such as Polofoto, et al.... There were also several videos, like Clip 1 and Clip 2, courtesy of TV2.

The attendance of The Grand Ducal Couple at the events is noted on the official website. I'd like to point out that it is Royal Press Europe not Monarchy Press Europe that should be credited for the photograph on their website.

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  1. Hello! I just want to say that I really like the Grand-Duchess's second dress. What a sophisticated colour it is and her jewelery is so stunning!