Monday, April 19, 2010

Guillaume takes Russia... and we get to see it!

As I’m sure all of you dedicated fellow Lux-lovers are well aware, our dear Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume - accompanied by Luxembourg’s Economy and Foreign Trade Minister Jeannot Krecké - recently completed an economic mission throughout the cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg, working with Luxembourg for Finance to strengthen and build ties between the two countries’ respective business sectors. While we hope the happy jaunt garners positive results for both the team and Luxembourg, there is nary a lingering doubt that it was a shining success for us oh-so-humble followers. Behold, friends: We’ve hit one gorgeous jackpot!

A h-u-g-e thank you goes out to the wonderful Irene for sending not just one (Psst! Sexy voice alert!), not just two, but three Guillaume video links, presented for our viewing (and drooling) pleasure by the good folks at RTL, to whom I am seriously considering sending a “thank you” card. Well, I guess that’s all…

SIKE! Nope, the fantastic HGD has graciously provided us with yet even more Guillaume video goodness (with just a sprinkle of voice action due to dubbing, but what a melodic very beginning and very end it is!), in addition to multiple article links featured on the Minister's website and an article on the Russian site, Bujet.

A thousand rounds of "spasiba" go out to both lovely ladies, and for the rest of you, sit back, relax, and happy viewing! Hmm, that's good advice. I believe I'll follow it now, myself...


  1. The links don't work anymore! I REALLY want to hear what his voice sounds like, because I haven't yet, but none of these videos will load. I get to the website and the link tries to load but gives me an error message! Is there another place to get them or are they gone forever? Did anyone save them?

  2. I don't have the video saved but I do have a sound bite of Guillaume's speech saved in an audio file. I'd be happy to send it to you. Just drop me a line.

    There are several videos of Guillaume speaking.

  3. i haven't seen any videos of guillaum speaking.. are there any online?