Monday, May 10, 2010

I Love a Parade! **

As reported, the close of the annual Octave was celebrated today, May 9th, by numerous religiously-affiliated organizations, groups, and of course, our lovely Lux Family. No worries, those who were not able to watch the street procession live on RTL are not to be left out in the cold - readers can still take a gander at your favorite Grand Duke and Duchess and mine, the honorable Henri and marvelous Maria Teresa, along with their eldest and youngest sires The Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume and Prince Sébastien, in all their solemnly sweet glory thanks to a short video recap of the day's activities at RTL and the generous photo galleries courtesy of Wort, Tom Wagner, Manuel Dias, PPE-Agency (just type in "Octave" and the goodies should pop up easily), and Royal Press, along with Rex Features, the ever-trusty RTL, and of course, the Monarchy's official website. As always, the reigning couple can only best be described as radiant, Guillaume lives up to his oh-so-affectionate nickname (shocker, right?).

A super-sized, heartfelt, sugar-shock-inducing "merci beaucoup" to the lovely readers HGD, Liann, and Anniks for sending along these treasure troves of linkage kind, and to the epic photographers and websites kind enough to share their eye candy with us devoted oglers. Much obliged!

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