Sunday, May 16, 2010

Qatar Continued...

The visit of our dear Guillaume Jean Joseph Marie and Minister Jeannot Krecké is continuing. The dynamic duo visited the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development. They discussed the Qatar Foundation's projects and were given an idea of the projects that are in the works.

Guillaume, Jeannot, The Emir of Qatar, and The President of Brazil attended the Emir's Cup final at Khalifa Stadium (pictured). I'm sure our magnificent Guillaume Jean Joseph Marie (hey, they started it) is easily spotted in the picture...that's The President of Brazil in the khaki pants and The Emir is sandwiched between Guillaume and The President. Our poor Minister Krecké was relegated to the second row. I don't know what stadiums look like where you live but where I live deluxe armchairs are crystal glasses aren't standard...not even in luxurious Luxembourg.

On a totally unrelated note, while reading the Qatari news for blurbs about the visit of Team Guillaume. I noticed that it's a super busy week for The Emir. Just this week The King of Lesotho, The President of Brazil, GuiGui & Co. and at least a dozen other high ranking delegations from various nations were popping in and out of Qatar. I think that our hard working Hereditary Grand Duke and Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade both need a vacation but now I also think that The Emir could use one, as well.

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