Monday, May 24, 2010

It is a truth universally acknowledged...

...that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife. ~~Jane Austen

That is unless you're royal. In that case, if you haven't publicly spread yourself around to a dozen ladies a year, led some girl along for 7 years under the watchful eyes of your entire nation, or popped out a couple kids before your 21 birthday (no offense Louis, I love your little family) then you must be gay. Yawn...yawn...yawn!

It is both annoying and tiresome that a man of Guillaume's caliber must constantly have his sexuality questioned. I think that perhaps Guillaume got a taste of being followed around and having his relationship paraded in the tabloids when he dated Pia. I sincerely doubt that it is an experience that he enjoyed or would want to repeat (the same can't be said for Pia). He doesn't have a string of illegitimate children or women lining up to tell stories of lustful adventures or heartbreak. I don't take this as a sign that Guillaume is gay. In my opinion this is a sign that Guillaume is a man of integrity who values his role, the people in his life and his personal space. Guillaume isn't leading the life of a monk...He is not spending all of his non-working hours sitting at home...He is definitely sweet but surely not innocent... :)

I wouldn't care if Guillaume was gay. I would still love Luxembourg. I would still respect him and view him as capable. I would still wish him well. I would still hope and pray that he is able to find happiness in all areas of  his life. There are undoubtedly people who would view it as a serious flaw in his character, but I am not one of them.

Guillaume is not gay. He simply has decided not to parade his private relationships around in public. Félix and Claire are out and about together all the time (I really do mean all-the-time)  in Rome, but you don't see him dragging her to events that have press coverage. The same can be said for Guillaume. The Grand-Ducal Family is able to keep their relationships private through a combination of lack of overall interest in every move they make, discretion, and commonsense.

Why am I mentioning all of this? It's made the tabloids in Luxembourg that people over at TRF apparently believe that Guillaume is gay. I actually like most of the posters over at TRF. I think the article really is incorrect in stating that it's the best royal forum and fails to note that only a small portion of their large membership base is actually active. I didn't really see any pros and cons of his sexuality being debated.

This assumption of gayness (which is incorrect) is based largely on Guillaume's apparent inability to find a woman who has graced the pages of Slitz (sorry Carl Philip but you had to expect the backlash). Okay, maybe that isn't the exact reason, but you get my point. Which is a point that I think the author of the article is also trying to make. At least, Privat took the time to, seemingly, defend Guillaume against the gay rumors that plague him because he doesn't date in the open.

I check the headlines on Privat and Promi but I generally don't give them much thought. This is largely because I know for certain that much of the gossip about their personal lives is inaccurate. Félix is still referred to as "der playboy" when he appears to have developed into a serial monogamist some time ago. I'm not doubting that he was at one point, um, let's just say enjoying being an attractive young man but it's not who he is right now. Guillaume is not a sugar coated monk but he's not a raging playboy.

Oh deary me, how those delicious Luxembourg princes love to drive us crazy by not keeping us dutifully informed about their private lives. ;)


  1. There were the same rumors about Prince Albert of Monaco and in due time everyone found out just how wrong they were. The chattering classes will always find something to chatter about, whether real or imagined.

  2. I also do not think he is gay. Maybe he is shy, maybe he simply like his privacy, but this is not reason for saying that he is gay. And I hope that he will find (or has found yet) his princess;-) and that they will be happy forever:-D

    Btw any new information about celebrations, actions in Luxembourg concerning to the anniversary of Jean de Luxembourg? I guess there is no interest in Luxembourg in this anniversary...

  3. I think its silly that because Guillaume keeps his private life private, it automatically means that he is gay. Nothing wrong with being gay, but there's something wrong with a man being a gentleman makes some people question his sexuality.

    It's as though good behavior means something is lurking in the closet, and that is unfair.

  4. I agree that no matter what people will find something to talk about.

    Duci and Sonja, I agree with both of you. That is why I find it so maddening that people assume Guillaume is gay. It really isn't fair that Guillaume's good behavior gives reason to question his sexuality or his motives.

  5. Someone probably used the ghetto translator and messed it up..

  6. Yeah, well...I used the ghetto translator and another and it took me a moment to grasp that Privat is actually defending Guillaume against the gay musings.

  7. What is the name of Felix's girlfriend? Do they live in rome?

    Thanks, i Love your blog!

  8. Yes, they live in the Rome area. I have chosen not to publish her name.


  9. I know this is an old post but I have a question, aren't they Catholic? I thought Catholics can't have sex outside of marriage?

    It may not bother others, but I expect people to follow what they claim to believe in, whatever it is. If they call themselves Catholic but do not act Catholic then they are liars. Saying you follow something and ACTUALLY following it are two different things.

    So if Guillaume has had sex outside marriage (you mentioned he's not innocent) could that get him trouble, since it is a Catholic country?

    Or do the people just ignore the Catholic rules they don't like and will let him slide?

    What if he was gay (hypothetically)? Would that cause problems with him taking the throne since the Church is also against that?

    Just curious.

  10. Not that there is anything wrong with it but his father had gay experiences while in school in Switzerland so could certainly be considered bisexual.