Monday, May 31, 2010

A Solemn Farewell...

Archduke Rodolph of Austria died on 15 May 2010. He was the son of the last Emperor and Empress of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. On 29 May 2010 a funeral mass was held at L' église Notre-Dame du Sablon in Brussels, Belgium.

Many members of the Grand-Ducal Family attended the service. I noted The Grand-Ducal Couple, Prince Guillaume, Prince Jean and his wife, Princess Margaretha and her husband Prince Nikolaus of Liechtenstein. Princess Marie-Astrid and her husband Archduke Carl-Christian were accompanied by their daughter Archduchess Marie-Christine and her husband Count Rodolphe.

I admire the Habsburg family. Archduke Rodolph enjoyed a long and full life. His passing is unfortunate and we express our sympathy to his family.

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  1. Archduke Rodolph's daughter Maria Anna is the godmother of Princess Alexandra of Luxembourg. Maria Anna lived in Luxembourg for several years with her husband and children.