Sunday, May 2, 2010

Week of the Ex's: The Expo and the Exhibit

On Friday, 30 April, The Grand Ducal Couple attended the opening of the Spring Fair at the LuxExpo. The home, garden and food showcase was opened by Minister Jeannot Krecké in the presence of Henri and Maria-Teresa. His speech was broadcast live in the Luxembourg Pavilion at the World Expo in Shanghai. Manuel Dias has ever so graciously provided a gallery of visuals.

Madame, if you'll just leave that bag and those shoes outside the gate at The Berg I'll be around to collect them later.

Yesterday, 1 May, Queen Beatrix and The Grand Ducal Couple opened The Golden Age Reloaded exhibit at Villa Vauban. Since I wrote a long bit with the details of the exhibit in my previous post I'll spare you a repeat of them.

Manuel Dias and Tom Wagner were both on hand at the event so we have two galleries of visual goodness. There are also a couple photos over at Belga.

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