Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Busy Grand Duke

With another school year over and university starting soon, it was time for the Grand Duke to receive Luxembourg's best at the palais grand-ducal. Like every year, the students with the best high school diploma had an audience with the head of state himself.

From the cozy warmth (naturally, I'm assuming here cause I've never been there) of the palace, he made his way to into the pouring rain to commemorate the 1952 Olympic gold medal of 1500m runner Josy Barthel at a sporting event. Manuel Dias was on hand to snap a few shots, RTL had a report about it in their news.

Being on a roll, Grand Duke Henri named a police station for himself today. The Cité policière Kalchesbréck is now proudly named Cité policière Grand-Duc Henri and was toured by its new name giver, who was able to have an ensuring look that his castle still stands.

Meanwhile, if you haven't seen enough wedding pictures of Archduke Imre and Archduchess Kathleen, I can recommend a few more links: Revue basically has bigger version of the Tageblatt pictures, so better hop over to the website of Craig Spiering, the official wedding photographer, who has amazing pictures. Also, the Washington Post and Hola have articles about the wedding.

Oh, and of course the Grand Duke was in London for the closing ceremony of the Paralympics Games in London on Sunday. He was accompanied by his son Prince Louis and his daughter-in-law Princess Tessy.

Sources: Cour grand-ducale, Wort

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