Thursday, September 27, 2012

Guillaume and Stephanie's Joint Monogram Released

Cour Grand Ducale
The Cour Grand-Ducale has released the first image of Guillaume and Stephanie's joint monogram. The attractive monogram features an elegantly intertwined G and S. The G is designed in Nassau Blue and the S is in Nassau Orange. A filigreed grand ducal crown adorns the top of the monogram. 

An image of Stephanie's individual monogram has yet to be released. Guillaume already has his own individual monogram.

The monogram was designed by a Luxembourgish graphic designer.

A new photograph of the couple was also released this week. The photograph is by Christian Ashman and is likely part of a large set of images.

Source: Cour Grand-Ducale

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  1. Very elegant!! Though I love Stephanie (better than Kate) she really looks mature for her age.

    Thank you for this blog...this keep me updated with the Luxembourg Royals...a very rare site indeed!