Tuesday, September 11, 2012

An American Archduchess

There were no carriages, no white horses or glittering tiaras but make no mistake this was a fairytale just the same: this was the day a pretty American girl became an Imperial Archduchess.

Once upon a time, on a warm Saturday morning, a black car pulled in front of a lovely church.  While the day had saw the arrival of a gushing groom, his proud and loving parents, and many of his friends and family no arrival was so anticipated as that which was now at hand.  The excitement was palpable. When the car stopped the wedding planner, the doorman, and  the protocol and liason officer rushed quickly to the back passenger door. The door opened to reveal a beautiful, smiling face immersed in a sea of satin and lace. 

Accompanied by her mother and father, Kathleen Elizabeth Walker was helped out of the car.  Her hair was swept up and adorned with three strings of pearls and a long snow white veil of lace. The driver opened the trunk and the mother handed her a bouquet of flowing white, pink, and pale pink roses.  Her dress now properly situated the bride, exuding elegance and poise becoming of the position she would soon acquire, began her march up the stairs. 

Before entering the church, Kathleen paused, turned and faced her father who was behind her and sweetly said "come on dad".  Inside awaited her handsome husband-to-be, Archduke Imre of Austria, her family and friends and members of no less than five royal  families.

The young woman entered the big brown doors as an ordinary American girl called Katie and exited them as Her Imperial and Royal Highness Archduchess Kathleen of Austria--an American Archduchess!

It was a pleasure to see this personally and I join Lux-arazzi and its readers in congratulating  TIRH Archduke Imre and Archduchess Kathleen as they embark on a long, happy and blessed life together.


  1. Lovely photos. Sorry I got in the way of one of the photos.

  2. well, the colour of the veil doesn't match the one of the gown...

  3. The veil is a historical heirloom belonging to the Habsburg family. Katie may not have known she would be given the privilege of wearing this veil when she purchased her gown. She would never have refused the chance to wear this veil (she's a lover of all this Habsburg even before she met Imre) even if it clashed with her dress.

  4. She looks beautiful but I want to see them both!

  5. There are pictures of Imre in the post about their introduction.

  6. This is too much of a fairy tale! I don't mind if her long island wedding dress doesn't match the veil, as long as she's very happy of her fate with this archduke!