Tuesday, September 25, 2012

More Wedding Updates

The wedding of The Hereditary Grand Duke and Countess Stephanie de Lannoy is almost here!!

If you were born on November 11, 1981 or February 18, 1984 you could meet Guillaume and Stephanie at a special reception on the day of their civil union. If you will be in Luxembourg for the wedding and share a birthday with one of the couple send an email to ministere.etat@me.etate.lu.

If you plan to be in Luxembourg for the royal wedding you may also want to take advantage of Luxembourg City's special deal for tourists associated with the wedding.

If you will be in Luxembourg in the weeks leading up to the wedding you may want to drop in and sign the biggest greeting card in the history of the Grand Duchy. This novel card will tour Luxembourg making numerous stops (34 towns/35 shopping centers) before being presented to the couple. I'm not exactly sure what Guillaume and Stephanie will do with the card but it appears attractive and colorful.

As we've mentioned several times already the Foundation of the Grand Duke and Grand Duchess has set up special accounts associated with the wedding. Guillaume and Stephanie have expressed a desire to promote and fund social projects in Luxembourg. Donations are typically requested in lieu of gifts. Anyone can use the simple online donation function on the website.

The government of Luxembourg  has released information noting that the state is only paying 350,000 Euro for the wedding. If you compare this with the weddings of other crown princes you can see that this is a HUGE bargain for the state of Luxembourg. The Grand Ducal Family is paying for all of the other expenses associated with the wedding. I have no doubts that the amount paid by The Grand Duke far exceeds the 350,000 paid by the state.

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