Friday, November 23, 2012

Dutch Tulips and More Audiences

Last week, the Grand Duchess had another two audience; on the 15th and 16th of November respectively. For the first one, she welcomed the president of the fund labeling agency LuxFlag at the palais. A day later, Grand Duchess Maria Teresa received two delegates from the organisation ErwuesseBildung, that is run by the Christian centre of adult education of the Catholic church in Luxembourg.

On a Grand Ducal family related note, Luxembourg's mayor Xavier Bettel and the Dutch ambassador Petrus Wouterus Kok planted the last of 1.300 tulips in the gardens of the Villa Vauban. They were a gift to the city of Luxembourg by Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands during her state visit back in March. A bit cliché, I know, but I bet it will look stunning in spring next year when the tulips start to blossom.

Source: Wort, CGD

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