Thursday, November 1, 2012

Imperial Wedding in Nancy??

As most of you are probably all too aware, the next royal - or well, imperial - wedding in the Grand Ducal Family is only about two months away. On December 29th, Archduke Christoph, the third child and second son of Princess Marie-Astrid of Luxembourg and Archduke Carl-Christian of Austria, and his longtime girlfriend, a French diplomat's daughter, Adélaïde Drapé-Frisch will tie the knot. 

As of yet, we don't know for certain where the lovely couple will make their way down the aisle, but rumour has it that it will be Nancy. Nancy is located in the north-east of France and the capital of the historical Duchy of Lorraine, which might ring a bell as Archduke Christoph is a Habsburg-Lorraine. It was Nancy where the last crown prince of the Austro-Hungarian empire, the late Archduke Otto, married his wife, née Princess Regina of Saxe-Meiningen, at the Église des Cordeliere on May 10th, 1951. 

Not only due to the family connection Nancy would be a very fitting choice, additionally it's not too far away from Paris, making it easy for international guests to arrive, and it's close to Luxembourg and Belgium, which would make it easier for the groom's elderly relatives to attend.

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