Saturday, November 3, 2012

Introducing Luxarazzi 101

As most of our attentive readers have probably already noticed, the blog looks slighlty different today. (No, I do not mean the new header, though that gives you an extra point.) We have introduced a new page to our blog - Luxarazzi 101.

The attentive reader also knows that the idea isn't exactly new. Before the wedding of the Hereditary Grand Duke and the Hereditary Grand Duchess, we had a look back at Grand Ducal weddings gone by. During the wedding we brought you background information about some of the landmarks and way back on National Day, we explained what is actually going on.

Because Rome wasn't built in a day, it took us a while to ask ourselves why aren't we doing something like this regularly?! (Well, as regularly as our schedules allow it.) So, in the future we will bring you a bit of background information about various topics concerning the Grand Ducal family. Right now, we are working on more posts about the tiaras that were worn by the lovely Luxembourgish ladies at the pre-wedding gala dinner. Other posts are also currently taking shape. (In our heads, but you have to start somewhere, I suppose.)

If you have any special wishes, something you always wanted to know about anything relating the Grand Ducal family, just drop as a comment, write us an e-mail or contact us via Twitter or Facebook - everything's appreciated!


  1. Good luck with the new page. Apologies if covered already but when you have time I'd like to know who lives where .... not just grand-ducal residences but countries of residence for the wider family,,,

  2. What about a 101 covering the lives of the special ones of the family (boyfriends and girlfriends)? We know little of Kathleen, Claire lademacher, adelaide, rodolphe... Or even Hgd Stephanie. Any chance you can do 101s to detail their lives pre-marriage for ex?

  3. Henri and Maria Teresa live at the Château de Berg, GD Jean at the Château de Fischbach. It's not known where Guillaume and Stephanie will live. Felix lives in Italy, Louis and family in the UK and Alexandra and Sebastien in the US.

    Guillaume and Sibilla live in Luxembourg; at least their oldest son attends a school abroad, not sure about the other ones.

    Margaretha and Nikolaus moved to Liechtenstein after his resignation as the ambassador to Belgium, though they travel quite a lot. Margaretha still spends a lot of time in Belgium and Luxembourg. Their daughters live in the UK, their son in the USA.

    Jean and Diane live in France/Belgium, afaik. All his children can be found in the UK.

    Marie-Astrid and Carl-Christian live in Belgium, as do Katie and Imre (or about to move). Marie-Christine, Rodolphe and little Leopold live in Argentina; Christoph and Adelaide in Switzerland; Alexander probably in the UK; Gabriella finished school in Belgium.

    Robert and his family live in Switzerland, Charlotte and her family in the UK.