Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Prince Félix in Georgia

In rather surprising news, Prince Félix visited Georgia, more specifically the Château Mukhrani, a winery near Mtskheta about 10 kilometres north of Tbilisi, recently. As I do not know any Georgian whatsoever, I have no clue what is said in this video but check it out nonetheless as it shows Prince Félix on his tour through the castle and the estate surrounding it.

For the very same reason (the lack of knowledge of the Georgian language on my part), I have no idea why Prince Félix was there in the first place but can, however, tell you that he was there with Prince Lelio Orsini d'Aragona, whose mother is Princess Ketevan Bagration of Mukhrani of the former Georgian royal family who once owned the Mukhrani estate. Prince Félix and Prince Lelio have attended school together and are friends since.

Source: That video above

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