Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Video Report

Just a short heads up: news programme "19/20 Lorraine" on France 3 had a short report about today's wedding of Archduke Christoph and Archduchess Adelaide. You can see the couple as well as some of the guests departing from church, an interview with one of their friends and with the bishop who married them. The report starts at about 0:55 of this video.

Thanks Iza!


  1. I am curious as to why Katie didn't wear a tiara and Adelaide did. I read in another blog discussing the wedding that " Imre and Kathleen married in a historic, albeit very small, Roman Catholic church in the Chinatown area of Washington, D.C. I would have considered a tiara to be out of place for such a venue."

    Mmmm, they rented a Hummer for the wedding. That is more out of place to me than wearing a family tiara. Maybe I am being too pesimistic here, but maybe Imre's family didn't even propose a tiara to Kathleen, seeing she was slightly controversial for such a traditional family.
    But who knows why she didn't wear a tiara should she have been given the chance, maybe this is pure speculation but I know of few people who would refuse such a privilege.

  2. Well, none of us can look into their heads so it's all speculation but one has to keep in mind that travelling with such expensive jewellery isn't easy. One would need to pay high insurance fees etc so that might be a part of the reason.

  3. I agree with SydneyLux, there would be difficulties with travel and insurance and security and maybe even the customs' authorities; the tiaras belong in Luxembourg and the USA is not a quick hop over the border to France (this wedding) or to Belgium (wedding of big sister Archduchess Marie-Christine who also wore the tiara). Tiaras and other jewellery can and do get stolen en route - Fergie had jewellery stolen at a US airport in the 90s; the Duchess of Argyll lost a tiara at Glasgow airport (brilliant story if you Google it as the airport flogged it without letting the duchess know they had it). I am going to err on the positive side and I think that it was not a slight to Kathleen but merely a case of practicalities.....

  4. I have heard by now that Adelaide was accompanied by a bodyguard when she went to the hairdresser so he could protect the tiara at all times. Kinda gives you an idea why they didn't take it to the USA.