Saturday, December 8, 2012

Maria Teresa and Stephanie Support Children's Charity

Yesterday, Grand Duchess Maria Teresa and her new daughter-in-law Princess Stephanie, the Hereditary Grand Duchess attended a concert to benefit SOS Children's Villages. This was the first engagement that the royal ladies have undertaken together without their spouses. Princess Stephanie was, however, accompanied by an enormous scarf.

Photo: Marc Wilwert / Luxemburger
Wort /
The event featuring the music of Mendelssohn, Strauss and Schumann will benefit the organization's activities in Cape Verde. The funds raised will support 160 families that include 540 children. This will surely meet with the approval of Luxembourg's very large immigrant population, Cape Verdeans are one of the largest immigrant groups within the Grand Duchy.  The living conditions of people living outside of the tourist areas of Cape Verde are shocking. People lack access to clean water and basic sanitation.

The Grand Duchess is a patroness of the organization.

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Sources: Luxemburger Wort, OPL, Philharmonie Luxembourg. SOSVE

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