Saturday, December 1, 2012

It's Official: Imperial Wedding in Nancy

Rumour had it for quite a while, but now it is official: Archduke Christoph, son of Archduke Carl-Christian of Austria and Princess Marie-Astrid of Luxembourg, and his fiancée Adélaïde Drapé-Frisch are getting married in Nancy. The civil wedding ceremony will take place on December 28th, a day later on December 29th the couple will tie the knot at he basilica of St. Epvre, the local bishop Monseigneur Papin will celebrate the union.

Photo: Alexandre Marchi
Christoph and Adélaïde have known each other for five years and are living in Geneva, Switzerland, where he is working in finance and she attending university to obtain a master in psychology. The couple got engaged quite a while ago and made it official almost a year ago at the same time as Christoph's brother Archduke Imre and his now wife Katie.

In an interview with Le Républicain Lorraine, the couple revealed that when they decided to get married, they looked at different options about where it would be. They wanted to get married in a place that would make sense for both of their families. Neither Brussels, Paris nor other cities that they first thought about met the criteria; members of their families then suggested Nancy.

When Archduke Christoph and French diplomat's daughter Adélaïde visited the town, it became obvious to them that it would be the perfect choice. Christoph tells that Nancy and Lorraine will always have a special place in the heart of his family, the Habsbourg-Lorraine's. He adds that the late Archduke Otto, who got married in Nancy in 1951, always told the family that they should never forget the place.

Less than a month to go, the preparation are fully under way: the couple just visited Nancy to prepare for their civil wedding with the town's mayor André Rossinot.

For those contemplating to go to Nancy for the wedding, there is good news. In the interview, the archduke says, "We wish for Lorraine to accompany us, the doors will be open." The bride-to-be Adélaïde also wishes for a little bit of snow on the wedding day. Looking at pictures of stunning Nancy in winter that would pretty much make the fairytale setting complete...

Source: Le Républicain Lorraine

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