Thursday, December 27, 2012

Royal Wedding to Take Place in Germany?

During the photo call that took place at the Château de Berg today - the pictures will probably roll in any time soon - the cour made public that no official date has been set yet but that the wedding will take place some time next year. Asked about the place, they said that it is a tradition to marry at the home of the bride. In Claire's case this would mean that the wedding would take place in Germany, most likely close to Frankfurt am Main. It would also be a nice touch as the area near Frankfurt where Claire grew up has traditionally been part of the Duchy of Nassau, the origin of the Grand Ducal family. Apparently, the place has not been chosen yet but it seems very likely.

The tradition of marrying where the bride is from was broken for the most recent wedding of the Hereditary Grand Duke because, well, he is the heir to the throne. Same with the weddings of Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duke Jean. Prince Guillaume married his wife Sibilla in France, where she is from, like Prince Jean when he married his first wife Hélène. Prince Robert married his American born wife Julie in the United States. More recently, Archduke Imre tied the knot with his American wife in, exactly, the United States.

Source: Wort


  1. Hi! I'm from the Philippines and such a fan of your blog! Fantastic job updating us about the grand ducal family. Anyway, there are already some photos up in the website. I just don't know if there are more photos to come. =)

  2. Thank you very much! Just blogged about it, also added a few pictures from Wort. I'm sure we will get to see more pictures as the day progresses and also a video by RTL.

  3. nice collection all things are valuable !