Sunday, December 9, 2012

Catching Up...

The grand ducal family was pretty busy during the last couple of days attending various events and so were we with our work, so let's try to catch up with the latest events that haven't been previously been covered on the blog.

On November 29th, Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa toured "The Venice Biennale Projects 1988-2011" exhibition at the Musée d'Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean, also known as MUDAM. Picture galleries can be found at RTL and Wort.

On December 1st, the Grand Duchess and her sister-in-law Princess Margaretha visited the Cercle Artistique at the CarréRotondes in Hollerich. The art exhibitions take place twice a year. It is one of the patronages of Grand Duchess Maria Teresa who also gives out the annual Prix Grand-Duc Adolphe to artists exhibiting at the Cercle Artistique. A gallery of visuals is available on the website of the cour.

On December 3rd, Grand Duchess Maria Teresa visited the Ganzdagsschoul Jean Jaurés in Esch-sur-Alzette. During her visit, the school was handed the Zesummen fir Integratioun award that honour institutions who work for the integration of handicapped children. For pictures have a look on the website of the cour and at Wort.

On December 4th, the Grand Duke and the Grand Duchess celebrated the 60th anniversary of the European Court of Justice. It is the highest court in the European Union in matters of European Union law. Established in 1952, the court is situated in Luxembourg and headed by Vassilios Skouris, who - interesting fact - also attend the wedding of the hereditary grand ducal couple in October. Wort offers more information and a picture of the occassion.

Meanwhile, Tageblatt has published a few previously unseen pictures of Archduke Christoph and his fiancée Adelaide. In a press release Christoph parents also confirmed the wedding dates once again: the civil wedding will take place on Friday, December 28th, at 5pm at the town hall of Nancy and the religious wedding a day later at 11am at the Basilique Saint-Epvre.

Source: Cour grand-ducale, Wort, RTL

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