Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Water Management and Sustainability

Currently the Grand Duke's brother Prince Jean is participating in the "Verbier Investment Forum 2012" in - surprise, surprise - Verbier, Switzerland. Yesterday, the prince gave a keynote speech about "The global water challenge" and today he took part in two Q&As, one of them about "The global water challenges – local perspectives and efforts".

Prince Jean owns a couple of companies and works as CEO for another few. A couple of years ago, he founded MEA AQUA, a company specialised in water services and management solutions for Africa and the Middle East. For more information about the prince's working life, have a look at the website of VerbierGPS.

A picture of Prince Jean giving his speech yesterday, can be found on Twitter. If you are further interested, it might be a good idea to generally have a look at the Twitter feed of VerbierGPS as they have a couple of quotes by the prince and more information about the event.

Source: VerbierGPS

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