Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Guest List So Far ****

Sadly, we did not get very many pictures of all those guests attending the wedding. As apparently about 800 people were in the basilica, this guest list is far from complete and probably one of the most incomplete guest lists, you have ever seen. Nevertheless, a list of those who attended the wedding, pictured and recognised by me or others.

Thanks to everyone who helped putting together this list. All women are listed with their husbands titles even though some of them might still use their own, under-aged children are listed together with their parents.

Family of the groom

Archduke Carl Christian of Austria
Archduchess Marie-Astrid of Austria, née Princess of Luxembourg

Count Rodolphe de Limburg-Stirum
Countess Marie-Christine de Limburg-Stirum, née Archduchess of Austria
Count Leopold de Limburg-Stirum

Archduke Imre of Austria
Archduchess Kathleen of Austria

Archduke Alexander of Austria

Archduchess Gabriella of Austria

Archduchess Yolande of Austria, née Princess de Ligne

Archduke Rudolf of Austria
Archduchess Helene of Austria, née de Villenfagne de Vogelsanck

Archduke Carl-Christian of Austria
Archduchess Estelle of Austria
Archduchess Zita of Austria

Archduchess Priscilla of Austria

Archduke Franz-Ludwig of Austria

Archduke Michael of Austria

Archduchess Alexandra of Austria, Mrs Riesle

Prince Franz-Josef of Auersperg-Trautson
Princess Constanza of Auersperg-Trautson, née Archduchess of Austria
Princess Anna-Maria of Auersperg-Trautson
Princess Ladislaya of Auersperg-Trautson
Princess Eleonora of Auersperg-Trautson

Grand Duke Jean

Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg
Grand Duchess Maria Teresa of Luxembourg

Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume of Luxembourg
Hereditary Grand Duchess Stephanie of Luxembourg, née Countess de Lannoy

Prince Felix of Luxembourg
Claire Lademacher

Prince Louis of Luxembourg
Princess Tessy of Luxembourg
Prince Gabriel of Nassau
Prince Noah of Nassau

Princess Alexandra of Luxembourg

Prince Sebastien of Luxembourg

Princess Marie-Gabrielle de Nassau

Prince Constantin de Nassau

Prince Wenceslas de Nassau

Prince Carl de Nassau

Prince Nikolaus von und zu Liechtenstein
Princess Margaretha von und zu Liechtenstein

Princess Maria-Anunciata von und zu Liechtenstein

Princess Marie-Astrid von und zu Liechtenstein

Prince Josef von und zu Liechtenstein

Prince Guillaume of Luxembourg
Princess Sibilla of Luxembourg
Prince Paul-Louis de Nassau
Prince Léopold de Nassau
Princess Charlotte de Nassau
Prince Jean de Nassau

Family of the bride

Of course, Adelaide's family was also present. I saw her father Philippe and her mother Odile, as well as both her sisters and her two brothers. Judging from the official pictures, I assume that more Drapé-Frisch's were present.

Other guests

Archduke Istvan of Austria
Archduchess Paola of Austria, née de Temesvary
Archduchess Margaretha of Austria

Carl Dunning-Gribble
Viridis Dunning-Gribble, née Archduchess of Austria
Leopold Dunning-Gribble

Don Diego Fernandez de Cordova y Cervero
Eleonore de Potesta

Duke Rudolf of Croy
Duchess Alexandra of Croy, née Countess Miloradovich

Lensgrevinde Antonia Holstein til Ledreborg

Prince Philipp von und zu Liechtenstein
Princess Isabelle von und zu Liechtenstein, née de l'Arbre de Malander

Prince Michel de Ligne
Princess Eleonora de Ligne, née Princess de Orléans e Bragança

Princess Alix de Ligne

Prince Henri de Ligne

Prince Charles-Louis de Merode
Princess Clotilde de Merode, née Countess d'Oultremont

Baron Jean-Louis de Potesta
Baroness Sophie de Potesta, née Princess of Hohenberg

Charles-Louis de Potesta

Elisabeth de Potesta

Prince Nicholas of Romania

Note: All those people mentioned above are persons I have seen photographic prove of that they were present for the wedding. I am sure that there were many more Habsburg's as well as Nassau's were in Nancy. Before the wedding it was also mentioned by newspapers that members of the Merode and Arenberg families as well as Baron and Baroness Bernard Guerrier de Dumast would be attending the wedding.


  1. Thanks for the hard work! Somewhere over the last couple of days I read that Adelaide's mother was Odile D-F, but can't source it, sorry....

  2. You're welcome! You are right about her mother's name, I had another look at the info that was published at the time of the engagement.

  3. First of all, thank you for the excellent report. As usual, this is the best source for information about the Luxembourg GD family
    Just a small correction: women who marry to men from Spanish-speaking countries keep their names. Archduchess Alexandra of Austria (who married a Chilean) doesn't become Alexandra Riesle, and the same applies for Eleonore de Potesta (who married a Spaniard).

  4. Also Archduke Carl Chistian with wife Estelle and daughter Zita his brother Franz Ludwig.

    And Archduchess Viridis with her husband Carl Dunning-Gribble with son Carl