Tuesday, January 28, 2014

About Grandfathers and Granddaughters

Photo: Katja Stuppia / CSI-Zürich
Last weekend, the CSI Zürich, an international horse show, took place in (surprise, surprise) Zürich. Amongst the many events held during the course of the weekend was the LGT Private Banking Challenge and as the chairman of the board of the board of trustees of the Princely Family-owned bank, Prince Philipp was on hand to hand out the prize and it seems to me like he was accompanied by his granddaughter Princess Theodora. 

To be perfectly honest, the last part is a guess on my part as the last picture I have seen of the daughter of Prince Alexander and Princess Astrid is several years old, however, I see certain resemblances to the young girl above. It also doesn't seem like the world's most far fetched idea that a grandfather would take his nine year old granddaughter to a horse show. In addition, I have no idea who the girl next to Prince Philipp would otherwise be if not his granddaughter Princess Theodora.

Source: CSI Zürich

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