Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Biographical Corrections: Not a Princess All Along

Last week, we reported about the updates to the biography of Princess Tessy which included some strange statements in relation to her name and title after she and Prince Louis tied the knot in 2006 that seemed to rewrite history. The cour grand-ducale has now updated her biography once again to reflect the actual course of events. The information that the former Tessy Antony became Tessy de Nassau upon her marriage and received the titles Princess of Luxembourg, Princess of Nassau and Princess of Bourbon-Parme only on June 23, 2009 is the correct one. Now, if only they could change the same information in Prince Louis' biography which still wrongfully mentions that his wife became a Princess of Nassau upon her marriage...

The official website now also states that Princess Tessy 'only' is a member of the Civil and Military Order of Merit of Adolphe of Nassau since 2012 instead of the Order of the Gold Lion of the House of Nassau since 2010 which seems much more likely.

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