Monday, January 20, 2014

Export Award With The Hereditary Grand Duke **

Photo: CCBLR
Earlier today, the Chamber of Commerce and the Office du Ducroire handed out the Export Award 2013-2014 and Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume was among the guests for the event. The award is given out in cooperation with the agencies Luxembourg for Business and Luxembourg for Finance which will likely sound familiar to you if you are a regular follower of this blog or the Grand Ducal Family in general. The award is usually given to small and medium-sized enterprises and aims to stimulate business development and Luxembourg's economy by encouraging domestic SMEs to promote their goods and services to foreign markets.

Other pictures are now available at Wort, Manuel Dias, the cour grand-ducale and Chronicle which leads to the old, old question what the heck Guillaume sees in these awful yellow ties he keeps buying.

Source: Export Award, Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce for Russia and Belarus 


  1. Thank you for the wonderful post! It gave a lot of new information.
    But where is number 13? :)

  2. Congrats, you are the first person in half a year to notice that number 13 is missing ;-)

  3. Thanks Luxarazzi for bringing me this amazing Grand Ducal Tiara Collection. It is an amazingly diverse collection of different stones, different colors, a variety of shapes, some convertible pieces, a mixture of classic plus modern pieces, and good variety of sizes. I would love to be able to come over and try them all on!