Thursday, January 9, 2014

New Year's Reception **

Photo: Information und Kommunikation der Regierung, Vaduz
The Princely Family has started the new year in royal style with a reception at Schloss Vaduz hosted by the Hereditary Prince and the Hereditary Princess. Together with the Fürst and the Fürstin, they welcomed the diplomatic corps, the president and deputy of the the Principality's parliament, members of the government, the Archbishop, the head of the office of foreign affairs and the heads of Liechtenstein's diplomatic missions abroad, which means that Princess Maria-Pia, ambassador to Austria, and Prince Stefan, ambassador to Germany, were likely also in attendance. Also spotted among those present was Prince Nikolaus and Princess Margaretha.

In a subsequent second reception, Prince Hans-Adam, Princess Marie, Hereditary Prince Alois and Hereditary Princess Sophie received the other members of the parliament, the presiding judges, representatives of the municipalities and clergymen. In addition, holders of princely titles as well as the country's order of merit, the consular corps, representatives of all kinds of associations and commissions, political parties and public figures were invited to come join them which means that there was a lot of handshaking going on today.

1 FL TV covered the event in their evening news and also had a special broadcast about it. Volksblatt offers a gallery of visuals, as do Vaterland and the IKR.

Source: IKR

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