Sunday, January 5, 2014

Grand Duke Jean Turns 93

Grand Duke Jean celebrates his 93rd birthday today -- In the Central European time zone that is, it might still be yesterday where your are. -- and as there isn't much going on news-wise at the moment, I thought we'd have a little photographic retrospect on his life as we already did the biography thing last year.

Happy Birthday, Monseigneur!


  1. This Palace is magnificent but do the family live here ay the palace in Vienna or do they live in Liechtenstein? What a wonderful background for the ballet, most enjoyable.

  2. The Fürst and the Fürstin as well as the Hereditary Prince and his family live in Liechtenstein at Schloss Vaduz. While another few also have their primary residence in Liechtenstein, the others are spread around the world. As far as I know nobody lives at the Stadtpalais full-time though it does have a few private apartments used by the Prince and his family when they visit Vienna. Prince Constantin used to live in Vienna (he now lives closeby) but even during that time, he and his family had an apartment elsewhere and not within any of the family's palaces or other houses owned by them in the city.