Friday, February 27, 2015

Blog Selected by Luxemburger Wort

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You might have noticed that something about the blog has changed during the past few days. No, we neither added a new royal family to cover nor did we invent a new feature or gave the blog a visual make-over. Instead, we added a badge of the right hand side: Blog selected by Luxemburger Wort the Grand Duchy's biggest newspaper. 

As the badge says, Luxarazzi is one of a number of blogs selected by the English-language version of Luxemburger Wort's online version,, to be featured in a special section on their website, the Blogosphere. The aim of the new section is to group "the most useful or entertaining blogs about Luxembourg in one place". Naturally, we are thrilled to be included in this group. So, head over to Wort and check out the other featured blogs.

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