Friday, February 27, 2015

Luxarazzi 101: Queen Fabiola's Circle Earrings

84 days ago today, Queen Fabiola of Belgium passed away. Today, we are going to remember her in a way I'm not quite sure she would have liked to be remembered by, some of her jewels: A pair of three circle earrings adorned by a multitude of coloured and non-coloured stones, namely diamonds, rubies and emeralds. These earrings, which don't seem to be old heirloom pieces, are today owned by Princess Margaretha, Queen Fabiola's niece. 

Princess Margaretha first publicly wore her aunt's circle earrings for the traditional mass for deceased members of the Belgian royal family in February of last year, even before Queen Fabiola's death. After Belgium's former Queen passed away on December 5th, there was much speculation as to what would happen to her jewels. Especially as it had been announced that all her private possessions would go to the Hulpfonds van de Koningin, a charity she set up at the time of her wedding in 1960. However, considering that Princess Margaretha owns some of her aunts jewels and Queen Mathilde of the Belgians does as well, I like to think that Queen Fabiola simply gifted her jewels to her nieces and nieces-in-law during the last years of her life. I guess that time will only tell though.

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