Thursday, February 19, 2015

Grand Ducal Family to Attend José Antonio Mestre's Funeral

Photo: Cour grand-ducale /
Archive privée
Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa as well as their children will travel to Miami, Florida to attend the funeral of the Grand Duchess' older brother José Antonio Mestre. He died on Monday, February 16, at the age of 62. 

The cour grand-ducale also announced that the flags at the palais as well as château de Berg will be flown at half mast between Friday, February 20, and Monday, February 23. Those who would like to express their sympathies will have the chance to sign a book of condolences at the palais grand-ducal on Friday, Saturday and Monday between 9am and 12pm as well as 1pm and 5pm.


  1. You're being very disrespected on the royaldish website, referred to as a stalker and so on, might want to check out its "Belgian and Luxembourg" section; just FYI. But I dont know what can actually be done ...With all the trouble in the world, why do these women feel like they have to insult & spread hatred! Nothing better to do I guess.

    It bothers me because its admin's insist its not a hate-royals website yet never stop the core members from making some really unfair and quite frankly nasty comments. And now, the members are attacking other royal bloggers!! Just a nasty site.

  2. From time-to-time someone will message us that we are a topic of discussion over at Royal Dish. We do not generally read or participate in discussions at Royal Dish. Our readers are, of course, free to enjoy any forum they desire.

    However, they do actually generate a lot of hits for us. I'm not sure if they are aware, but their constant chatter about Luxarazzi actually turns a lot of people onto our blog. Our feedback/stats suggest that people continue to visit the blog after finding it because of Royal Dish. Also, the posters over at Royal Dish are some of the biggest fangirls of Luxarazzi that we are aware of. I say fangirls not because they profess to love the blog but because they read it diligently and constantly discuss it. In fact, some of those who "hate" the blog have previously attempted to be part of it. So, all of the haters over at Royal Dish are doing us a great service by constantly giving us so much attention (free publicity). All their negativity toward us has actually become positive.

    We appreciate that you took the time to warn us about this. If was an issue of copyright we would consider discussing it with an admin but since it is just negative chatter about us/the blog we just tend to leave it be and enjoy the publicity it gives us.

    We're not stalkers, by the by, the Cour sends information to us. :)

  3. Thanks for the response; I enjoy the time & effort you put into your blog. The high road, is always a better journey than the low road. :)