Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Grand Duchess at European Investment Bank Institute

Photo: David Laurent / WILI
Grand Duchess Maria Teresa attended a meeting of the Strategic Advisory Board of the European Investment Bank Institute (EIB Institute) on Tuesday. The Grand Duchess has been a member of the Institute since its creation in 2012. 

The EIB Institute is dedicated to promoting European Union (EU) objectives by supporting ‘European initiatives for the common good’. This includes reducing inequalities and promoting diversity, enhancing knowledge, ensuring cohesion across Europe and is implemented via three strategic programmes: the Knowledge programme, the Social programme and the Arts and Culture programme. 

With the support of its partners and the Friends of the Institute network, the Institute is a catalyst for social, cultural, educational and research activities directed towards economic and social development in EU Member States, Candidate and Potential Candidate Countries, and EEA Countries.

Another picture is available on the website of the cour.

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