Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Prince Philipp Gives Out LGT Media Award

Source: OTS / L-R: Prince Philipp, Nikolaus Jilch, Eva Steindorfer, Markus Schauta
(standing in for Jakob Arnim-Ellissen), and Meinhard Platzer
On Tuesday, Prince Philipp was in Vienna to give out the LGT Media Award at the Stadtpalais Liechtenstein. This award, which recognizes outstanding economic reporting, selected from articles published between January 1, 2014, and November 14, 2014.

The main award went to Eva Steindorfer of Die Presse for her report "Gründer gehen dorthin, wo das Geld ist" from October 5th of 2014. This article featured start-ups in Austria and highlighted the winner of Startup Fonds Speedinvest II.

Honorable mentions, in the form of recognition awards, also went to Jakob Arnim-Ellissen of Format and Nikolaus Jilch of Die Presse. Jakob Arnim-Ellissen's article "Bürokratie in Rot-Weiß-Rot", dated August 14th of 2014, focused on the challenges that skilled workers face in leaping over bureaucratic hurdles. Nikolaus Jilch received his second recognition award for the article "Die Teuerung kommt früher oder später", which used the lessons from the dot-com breakdown, as well as other historical economic events, to suggest that inflation should be a growing concern.

Prince Philipp, who is the chairmain of the LGT Group, was joined by Meinhard Platzer, the CEO of LGT Bank Austria, to present the awards. The winners of the LGT Media Award and the recognition awards were determined by a five-member panel that reviewed the different submissions.

Photo and more information from OTS.

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