Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Stéphanie Visits National History and Art Museum

Photo: MNHA / Éric Chenal
Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie paid a visit to the Musée National d'Histoire et d'Art, or simply MNHA, today. Together with Les Amis des Musées d'Art et d'Histoire Luxembourg, she was given a tour of the newly renovated Wiltheim wing of the museum for history and art. While the museum's new wing will be officially opened to the public on March 19, members of Les Amis des Musées d'Art et d'Histoire Luxembourg were given sneak peak of it today. The Hereditary Grand Duchess has been the patron of the friends' association of several state museums since March 2013.

During the last four years, the Wiltheim wing of the MNHA was renovated for around four million euros after it was became apparent in 2008 that the building was liable to collapse. In the future, the renovated wing will house four different exhibitions as well as an Atelier pédagogique for educational workshops for children.

A few visuals of the visit at Wort.

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