Saturday, March 21, 2015

Two Audiences for Grand Duchess Maria-Teresa

Source: Marc Schmit / Cour grand-ducale
On Friday, Grand Duchess Maria-Teresa received in audience historian Charles Barthel, who is also the author of Au service de l’humanité – Histoire de la Croix-Rouge luxembourgeoise. This history of the Luxembourg Red Cross honors the organization's Centenary celebrations.

Additionally, the Grand Duchess received the steering committee that is planning the different festivals and activities to mark the 100th anniversary. Maria-Teresa has been the president of the Luxembourg Red Cross since 2005 and will mark her 10th anniversary in that position on April 8th of this year. Additionally, she chairs the organization's Board of Directors, as well as the Executive Committee.

Then later in the afternoon, Grand Duchess Maria-Teresa received in audience Oswald Schroeder and Tom Bellion. Mr. Schroeder is the vice-president, and Mr. Bellion the director, of the Luxembourg City Tourist Office (LCTO), and they received a check for the revenues received from guided tours of the Palais Grand Ducal. The funds will be donated to the Fondation du Grand-Duc et de la Grande-Duchesse.

No photos so far. But they'll be added if any are made available.

Photos from the Cour website here and here.

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