Tuesday, August 18, 2015

National Day Reloaded: High Fives and More Royals

We have been pretty much silently updating our picture and video link post about Liechtenstein's national day frequently since it was posted on Sunday. Here are a few things though, which merit to be shared in an extra post based on various reasons...
Photo: 1 FL TV
Yeah, I'm not quite sure what's happening here either with Princess Marie and Prince Hans-Adam. Well, I know about half of it: The Princely Family is signing the national anthem, Oben am jungen Rhein, (full video at 1 FL TV) which includes people giving cheers to both the Fürst and the country. Looking at the video, Princess Marie seems pretty amused by the idea that her husband is giving cheers to himself. So amused that she is giving him a high five (or tries to slap down his hand in the wrong direction). Either way, it's funny and lovely to see.
Photo: 1 FL TV
The Liechtenstein royals love themselves some interviews - and Staatsfeiertag is no different. Both Prince Hans-Adam and Hereditary Prince Alois gave interviews to 1 FL TV, among others, which are available online. Both of them talk political as well as semi-private matters such as what they actually wanted to study (Hans-Adam) or why it doesn't make sense not to allow your children to use the various kinds of modern media (Alois).
Photo: R-TV
Not enough videos yet? Check out this lengthy report by R-TV including interviews with Hereditary Prince Alois and Prince Nikolaus plus loads of footage of the day's celebrations. Still not enought? Here's a report by TV Südostschweiz.
Photo: Exclusiv
More pictures: Each year I look forward to the photo galleries Exclusiv offers of national day because they are - quite simply - the biggest and the best. Brace yourself: They have one of the state ceremony, one of the way to and from the state ceremony, one of the reception in the rose garden, one of all the various interviews given during the day, one of the fair (including members of the Princely Family and friends), one of the Radio L stand (once again including members of the Princely Family) and one of the fireworks (without royals but still nice). Also: Hi there, Princess Thera (between her father, Prince Michael, and her cousin Prince Nikolaus in the picture above)!
Photo: Royal Travel and Events
Last but certainly not least, Stefan of Royal Travel and Events was in the Principality for Staatsfeiertag and took great pictures. Head over to his blog to read all about it and see the lovely visuals!

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