Sunday, August 23, 2015

The Great Beach Debate

Photo: David Nivière / Cour grand-ducale /
A dispute has arisen in France about the beach that the Grand Ducal family of Luxembourg has been using for their summer holiday. The 100-meter stretch, located in the southeastern French district of Var, has been a popular spot with the family for decades.

But now a French lawyer has argued that closing the beach to the public during the Grand Ducal family's visit is a violation of French law. The local mayor, however, has pointed out in response that the beach is difficult to access and, therefore, not popular with the public. The mayor also noted that the only objections he has so far received have come from the lawyer and from one other family.

Additionally, the Cour has responded that the beach is not made private but is just temporarily reserved for the Grand Ducal family's security during the visit.

A little more information about the situation at Wort.

UPDATE: Further information from RTL. Apparently, the beach isn't completely closed to the public, as members of the public are still allowed to cross portions of it. However, the pedestrian parking is closed, and boats are restricted within 100 meters of the shoreline. Town officials note that the policy applied to the Grand Ducal family mirrors that applied to the President of France during his beach visits. Additionally, another lawyer argues that a 1986 law overrides elements of previous maritime law, making it possible to reserve beach spaces for these types of security requirements. The situation remains up for debate at present.

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